Tuesday 30 October 2012


Are the Muslims and Malay NGOs in the country going on the wrong path or barking the wrong trees ??? 

Have intellectualism and rational thinking dodged the minds of these organisations to the extent that they no longer see the trees from the forests or vice-versa ???

The Islamic world or rather Islamic countries are now facing rebellions from their own people wanting for more freedom, and what they got so far are chaos and instability with unemployment and economic uncertainty.

The price they have to pay for the so-called freedom and democracy propagated to them by agents of change from non-other than the foreign masters and economic hooligans who just wanted profits and to see the destruction of developing or developed Islamic nations.

While Iran is fighting alone battle against America’s attempt to disarm them of nuclear weapons to protect Israel and to make sure no Islamic nations is powerful enough to fight Israel or United States, here in Malaysia the Islamic and Malay NGOs are harping on movies like My Name Is Khan.

Whats wrong with the movie ??? 

Promoting liberalism ??? 

So does the movie create revolution in Islamic nations ??? 

Have these NGOs ever thought of how to build up Islamic and Malay enterprises to compete with other races in the country ???

Have they ever thought that the ruling party Barisan Nasional (BN) needs help in promoting and developing Islamic and Malay busiensses, no matter how small they are ???

Have they ever thought of being loyal to Malay and Islamic businesses which can help the government promote and develop them ??? 

Have they thought that government alone cannot do much unless they support these enterprises by being loyal, by visiting and buying their products, by helping to promote them to others and so on ???

Now what these NGOs do is to harp on movies like mentioned above and other movies that rundown Islam as though they are the protector of Islam but right under their own noses when Muslims businesses needed their support they just ‘walk pass’ without taking notice ???

To these NGOs, they must reflect intellectualism but they cannot even make a movie that can fight back the so-called promotion of liberalisms in other movies… it is just useless showing of one’s intellectualism when one’s own backyard and economic status are just nothing.

No one would listen to anyone who is nothing – no economic power or standing – as intellectualism alone is of no relevance in today’s world of economic power.

Most of the intellectuals are also being employed by those liberals or non-Muslims who are financially sound and make use of them to actually stir up the minds of other Muslims.

And this is actually happening where we see Muslims going after each-others’ throats in the name of freedom or liberalism or whatever ‘isms’ that the West wants.

And Muslims and Malay NGOs here are just the same as they continue to harp and become emotional on matters or issues unrelated to the reality of the Malays and Islamic situation here.

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