Wednesday 31 October 2012


Most Malaysians are already aware with the fact that the venue of Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand (FCCT) with links on the press conference made by former Malaysia, Chief of Police, Musa Hassan was used by SUARAM when they held a press conference regarding Scorpene.

So, it is not surprising when all of the sudden FCCT was once again manipulated by SUARAM and opposition coalition just to tarnish the former PC's image so that they could proceed with their propaganda regarding Altantuya.

At FCCT, anyone could organize press conferences with just about any issue, and for SUARAM as PR's NGO proxy, organizing such event is not something hard.

The Opposition and its NGO would always want the story of Altantuya to go around until at least the coming GE13, to make that happen, a new character would need to be included in the drama.

A few days prior to the event, Musa had withdrew his suit against PKR's General Leader, Anwar Ibrahim regarding the charge where he was involved in the conspiracy of fabricating evidences against Anwar.

The fact is, no evidence were fabricated and the suit was only withdrew by the former PC when Anwar sent his representative to suggest that the case is settled out of the court.

"I was understood that there were some misunderstanding regarding my role in this case, by the defendant, and I accept to settle this case outside of court as suggested by defendant," Musa's statement when asked by reporters on the reason why he withdrew the suit.

Anwar then took the advantage from the case withdrawal by portraying that he was at the right side even though the suggestion to settle the case outside of the court was made by his side.

Then all of the sudden FCCT's website showed the invitation for a press conference by the former PC by saying that 'there is a new finding in the murder case of Altantuya'.

Pro-opposition portals were few of the first to publish the news on this matter. 

Then as Musa realized that his name was misused, he immediately denied the matter, then the same media had to announce that the conference was cancelled.

For us, this fabricated press conference by Pakatan Rakyat seemed funny, but for opposition's loyal supporters, they look at this matter as their moral win, without even realizing they were fooled by their own leader.

It was clear how opposition was smart in taking the chance to manipulate Musa for their own political interest. 

The close GE comes, more weird stories would come up.

That is all they can afford to do. 

They did not do anything to rakyat because all of leaders have been focusing on their own interest.

Despite that, there is no doubt that PR and its vehicle has always been great when it comes to drama, but that would not last long. 

They might be able to lie to a few people, but they cannot lie to all Malaysians.

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