Wednesday, 2 January 2013


PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said he wanted an hour on air without any disturbances… meaning no interruptions or questions during his talk or whatever one calls it… explanation.

Hadi will explain everything about his edict that split Muslims right down the political divide as well as terming or calling UMNO infidel.

An edict that was aimed at demeaning UMNO so that the Malays who are Muslims support the Islamic party, Hadi had taken the advantage of the Malays who were not well knowledgeable in Islam at that time to his side.

20 years later, the Malays, very knowledgeable on Islam and laws, begin to question Hadi’s edict and wanted him to explain clearly what it is all about… why Hadi termed UMNO kafir just because the country’s administration is based on the Western style which incorporates Islam.

Hadi is actually not a debater nor a politician… he is just a religious teacher who preaches according to his own interpretation, repeat, his own interpretation, and no one can question how.

That is why Hadi gave the condition that he, only he alone appears on TV, so that he can talk without anyone asking questions because he could not answer on-the-spot.

Even if he does, only on superficial questions as deeper ones need references which Hadi would not want to commit himself, especially on matters that are out of his own knowledge.

Hadi’s knowledge is only limited to Islam and the Quran, that also nobody actually questioned him or debate with him on his interpretations… other than that… Islamic economy and politics and others, he is zero or lack of knowledge.

Devoid of such knowledge as that of a true leader who knows at least most things, Hadi does not want the public to know he is not knowledgeable in economy and administration.

That is why he only wanted himself alone on TV, talk about his edict than walk away, no questions and debate or even discussions because Hadi is not that kind of man.

He is not the kind of man who can discuss and take questions and answer them because he is not knowledgeable as thought off by many, he is just a preacher who speaks and then walk away.

So when he asked to go on air alone, let it be… let Malaysian see his stupidity and lack of wisdom and intellectualism when explain his edict, after all the edict has backfired on his own party as Kelantan has yet to implement an Islamic government despite ruled by an Islamic party.

Hadi knows his own party could not implement a total Islamic government in Kelantan and he knows, according to his edict Kelantan government is infidel for separating administration and Islam in its governance.

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