Thursday, 9 August 2012


Supporting DAP is haram, final decision among Muslim scholars. 

The reason, DAP strictly rejects Islam. 

DAP is also seen as a party which clearly fights for Christian and that they do not accept Malay Royals (which protects the status of Islam in Malaysia) and they do not like the fact that Islam is the official religion.

Perhaps it is not wrong for us to say that DAP is the backbone behind the issue of murtad (convert out of Islam) in Selangor because they do not support nor do they object on the issue.

But, PAS still remains with DAP, trying to hide the murtad issue and that they would even kick out Dato’ Dr. Hasan Ali who raised up the issue.

So, all Muslims around Malaysia became confuse on PAS's move in ignoring this matter.

When the fact is, murtad is one of the biggest issues for Muslims because it involves a person leaving his or her religion.

That is why we cannot help but to sigh in seeing how PAS does not even take this matter seriously just so that they could stay with DAP.

But this is not much of a surprise considering that PAS would even put aside their main objective which was to build an Islamic nation just because they were too crazy to be with DAP to head to Putrajaya. 

And only recently, the hudud issue was raised and politicized considering that GE is just around the corner.

PAS Kelantan's Islamic Scholar Council Chief, Datuk Mohamad Daud responded on the matter where working alongside DAP is haram by saying, "it is wrong for Muslims to vote for them, but it is okay if the purpose is to being down Barisan Nasional (BN)".

In other words, he is admitting that it is haram to work alongside DAP which rejects Islam but it is okay to support them for the sake of the fight against UMNO/BN, which he claim to be rejecting Islam as well.

It seems that PAS is putting UMNO/BN which had build thousands of mosques, developing dozens of scholars in various fields, taking care of rakyat as 'kafir' which is worse than DAP ???

In other words, PAS would even dispose of their brothers just so that they could gain power with those kafirs.

This is what PAS stands for as stressed by their own Islamic Scholar Council Chief. 

It is clear that PAS is choosing politics over religion. 

So, we do not have to wonder on what would happen to the party in the future.

Thus, from today, we would know what to expect when it comes to PAS.

We should accept the fact that PAS is already in their comfort zone and happy to be with DAP to bring UMNO down, and together, they head to the top. 

For that, Islam and its laws would need changing from time to time so that it could work with Christian-DAP so that the cooperation would remain strong.

It is now up to Muslims in PAS to decide whether they would vote for Islam or they would vote for PAS.

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