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Based on the statistic above which was published by newspaper Suara Keadilan, Selangor state exco, Ronnie Liu, proudly announced that there were NO license issued for massage centres given by PKR government and all the centres gained license from BN government. 

The number of licenses which were issued by BN government were 571.

But, Ronnie failed to provide any response on why wasn’t this issue became a hot topic when BN was ruling government for the state. 

Why weren’t rakyat feel harassed with the current 571 massage centres ??? 

But rakyat only gets annoyed when PKR begin to take over ???

It is not just the Muslims who are sensitive on this issue, even the Chinese and Indians who are a lot more open towards ‘entertainment’ feel harassed as well. 

For example, an NGO that represents the Chinese began to voice out since 2010. 

And on 2011, they made an official complaint regarding the matter, but it was ignored by the state government.

In 2009, a blog came up with ‘Gay massage offers’ which covers areas around Sheramas, Ampang Jaya, Damansara and the whole Selangor, ‘on-call’

That is how good the massage industry in Selangor is.

Obviously, not every single rakyat of Selangor support this matter as another ‘human rights’ which is fought by PR. 

That is why rakyat is beginning to get anxious.

Once again, the focus here is that prior to 2008, there were no such complaints from neither rakyat nor NGOs regarding the ‘expansion’ of massage centres around the state.

In yellowpages, there are almost 400 massage centres which is registered and we could consider the fact that they might have been around since BN’s era. 

This means that there are still around 100 centres that are unregistered with yellowpages. 

It is not wrong for us to think that those which are listed in the yellowpages are actually centres that are clean.

According to the complaint which was made by an NGO representative who is also the President of the Malaysian Beauty Therapy Association, Profesor Dr. Clara Chee in July 1, 2011, in Pandan Indah alone, there are more than 80 massage centres, 200 in Klang and dozens more in Kuchai Lama, Damansara and Ampang Jaya. 

All coming close to 400 massage centres.

Okay, Ronnie could accuse that all of those centres have been around since the time of BN and they are listed among the 571 which are licensed.

But how would Rannie explain on the new centres which began to grow in new buildings after 2008 such as in Puchong, USJ, Seri Kembangan, Ara Damansara, Tropicana, Sunway Damansara, Bangi, Kajang and a few other areas in Selangor ??? 

If each of those places have around 30-50 massage centres, there might just be least 500 centres overall.

And all of them cannot be part of the 571 old ones which were registered during BN’s era, before 2008.

Thus, by denying that Selangor government had given license to those centres, is Ronnie agreeing to the fact that those centres are operating without any license ???

In other words, does Ronnie want to confirm that something is wrong with his exco and the Selangor government when it comes to this massage centres issue ???

The reality is, rakyat is not stupid and blind. 

If we walk around at night, we could clearly see the army of massage centres around commercial buildings in Selangor.

If there are only 571 massage centres in Selangor like how it was during the time of BN, obviously rakyat would not complain and turn this into a big issue.

It is clear that the massage centre issue has multiplied since the amount which BN released which were 571. 

The rest, well obviously the offer something that is other than health related service.

Ronnie Liu should be blind if he cannot see all of this, and certainly stupid if he feels that he could fool rakyat. 

What is certain, Ronnie Liu is never a good leader if he had made ‘deals’ with those massage centres’ bosses that they could operate even without licenses.

Ronnie cannot run from explaining this matter, if not, PKR Selangor would look nothing more than just puppets for the black market organizations in Selangor.

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