Friday 5 October 2012


After revealing that PKR has listed 20 Minister from its party if PR leads the country, the party was then criticized by DAP and PAS for not discussing the matter with them first.

So, PKR then goes into chaos to cover their leader's iron-fist attitude, Anwar Ibrahim, including his own wife as the party's President, Wan Azizah. 

So, even Wan Azizah is now under pressure in making statement saying that they do not need to announce the shadow cabinet because it was unnecessary. 

But Shuhaimi thinks otherwise. 

The ADUN Batu Tiga said that the statement made by Wan Azizah was a personal statement, in other words, the list of the shadow cabinet really exist.

We do not really know whether Wan Azizah is a party president that does not know anything or she simply loves to lie, this is because now it has been proven that PKR really did prepare the Shadow Cabinet without even getting any mutual agreement from DAP nor PAS. 

It as presented during PKR's Political Bureau meeting recently.

It's okay if PKR wants to deny or DAP and PAS want to fight Wan Azizah because it is not rakyat's concern because they are still yet to lead the country. 

The only problem that derives here is that when the list of Ministers and Deputy Ministers which is 'imagined' by PR is filled with those who have various scandals especially sexual scandals.

But, there is nothing for us to be surprised about if the future Prime Minister himself did have a sex scandal which is simply unimaginable by anyone. 

Thus, there is nothing to be surprised about with the scandal of Lim Guan Eng's Rainbow, Elizabeth Wong or Mustafa Ali's sex video ???

And if we are to look at corruption scandals, Anwar champions everyone with the 3 billion issue which is still yet to be answered, followed by the issue of actually fulfilling the objective of the Cekap, Amanah dan Telus (CAT) slogan (Efficient, Accountable and Transparent=Cocky Arrogant Tokong) which cannot be done by Lim in governing Penang and others as well.

And what about Elizabeth Wong's sleeping partner who is now in Indonesia in an illegal manner and what about the death of Teoh Beng Hock which was linked with a chain of DAP leaders ???

Not just that, what about the link between Pakatan Rakyat and SUARAM, Bersih and chains of George Soros and Zionists ??? 

What about the luxury private jet that they could afford to rent and at the same time collect funds for election from dinner charity and other ways.

These are few of the scandals which surrounds the current shadow cabinet.

Not just that, the shadow cabinet is also covered with clear nepotism where husbands and wives, children and crony of the highest leader would fill all of the important posts even though their qualifications can be questioned.

With such clear scandals and nepotism, how could Malaysians gain the confidence and trust towards the live of Cabinet for PR ??? 

How could people with no sense of moral and integrity lead the country ??? 

How can these people rive the country towards success if they are surrounded by scandals even before they rule ???

With more power in their hands, how can they guarantee that they would not have even more scandals ???

Here are some sex scandal that can be see all over the net...

There are lot lot more if you search on the net about what so ever scandal surrounding the opposition leaders!!!

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