Wednesday, 3 April 2013


We just recently seen how Anwar was boo'ed in Kuantan where the candidate he picked himself was mocked by PKR members, now we see how Anwar loses control and could not make decisions what could please everyone in Pakatan Rakyat.

This can be seen from the debate which happen in a few constituencies. 

One of the latest incident was in Kedah when DAP threatened to contest alone which could lead to a three-way fight due to the actions of Kedah's state government in betraying the party.

The thing which makes it worse for DAP Kedah is when Anwar himself, without discussing with anyone, announced in his ceramah in Kedah saying that candidate from PKR, Gooi Hsiao Leung will be contesting for Alor Setar Parliament seat. 

PKR also has named N.Surendran to contest in Padang Serai.

From there, DAP Kedah's dissatisfaction was expressed by its leader, Lee Guan Aik who also stressed that he will be defending Kota Darulaman seat. 

Lee was clearly sad and disappointed over the behavior of party's highest leader.

PR's leadership actions in ignoring DAP and making decisions without going through any discussions, shows Anwar's totalitarian behavior and that he is unable to manage the party. 

Anwar is also arrogant for refusing to give any response towards this issue, instead, he only acted as if nothing happened.

Anwar should have been the symbol of union for PR. 

His appointment as leader and future Prime Minister should have been because he is able to unite PAS and DAP. 

However, as leader, it is weird that he is not given the rights to make the final decision to PAS, DAP or even PR as a whole.

We have seen how Anwar do not even care about DAP's debate, including the CEC election which was clearly controversial. 

The same thing goes to issues which involves state economy such as uncontrolled logging in Kedah, mega underwater tunnel in Penang etc.

Anwar is also unable to settle the debate between Kedah and Penang regarding the issue on sale and purchase of water supply. 

He could not even provide any comment.

What is clear, from big issues which involves the economy of PR-led states, to issues which involves image and integrity of party or seat issue for election, to the smallest issues such as internal issues, all of those are out of Anwar Ibrahim's power.

That is why the election which will come a few days from now, Anwar's status seem weak, and this makes rakyat nervous over providing the mandate to PR. 

All the three parties in PR seem to be fighting on their own and even Anwar seem to be fighting alone. 

Each have their own fantasies, far from reality.

Today, DAP Kedah got really offended and if the party really want to contest alone, it is not impossible that it might turn to be a trend for other states which also show the clash between PAS, DAP and PKR.

Fact is, this problem happens in PR because the coalition do not have a highest leader which really give the final say, and his decision is respected.

Just imagine, how can we let this coalition rule the country if everything is uncertain ???

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