Friday 28 December 2012


For a party that has been around for so long, DAP should have known better that changing history is an impossible thing.  

People who try to change history are egoistic cowards who dare not look back and admit mistakes but rather live a lie and be proud of it.  

As we know, the Americans admitted their forefathers’ cruelty towards the native Indians and the Africans whom they robbed off of their rights.   

The new generations of Americans are not proud of what their forefathers did but they are ready to admit it and almost never hesitate to express their regret.   

This is the act of rightfulness, of people who uphold values and truly understand the meaning of civilization.  

The Chinese in DAP, however, is totally the opposite of the Americans for they have been continuously and tirelessly trying to block the ugly truth of their forefathers.   

It seems to be a natural thing for DAP to deny and refuse responsibility over the wrongs done by their people and they would go as far as re-writing history whenever they can.  

It isn’t a secret that DAP is fighting to paint a beautiful heroic picture of the communists instead of the cold-blooded, heartless terrorists who tortured and killed the innocence.   

Blogs, websites, books and even talks are held in the objective of planting the false pictures of the communists into the minds of the Malaysian youngsters.  

Often, the pictures would be immediately erased by the real heroes, such as the arm-forces and the villagers who had survived the communists’ attack.   

Combined with the British’s records on Malaya at the time, it would take a pure ignorant person to purposely deny the ugly truth about the communists.  

Naturally, evidence and witnesses aren’t hard to find to help us see which is the real picture.  

The same goes to the bloody history of May the 13th, 1969.   

Since things had calmed down and the DAP learned to accept the fact of living in a multiracial country that once belong only to the people they hate most, that is the Malays, it has been a long and unending effort of DAP to re-write the history of this tragedy.  

Same M.O is used in this course that is, blogs, websites, books, talks and everything and all cables and strings are pulled to achieve their goal.  

The recent article in the Edge Financial Daily is just one of the desperate attempts to make DAP looks like the ‘good guy’ on the 13th of May 1969.   

It all become much more important for DAP when the movie of the tragedy is about to take place in cinemas any time soon.  

For all we know, DAP has been screaming and jumping around since the news about the movie came out.  

The Edge had painfully but unsuccessfully trying to paint a different picture of the tragedy, echoing the DAPs words by making it looked like the fault of UMNO.  

Whereas, it all started with the hate campaign by DAP that brought down to the arrogant parade of the party to the streets.   

DAP was already over their head with arrogance and hatred that they actually marched into Kampung Baru which is basically a Malay area.   

It is important to note that the government led by UMNO had given DAP the permission to parade but to avoid Kampung Baru in order  avoid tragedy.   

But DAP ignored the order. 

Blinded and overwhelmed by self-pride over their economic power, DAP told the Malays to ‘go die’ or go back to the jungle where they belong, and that they would kill all Malays.  

And what do you think would naturally happen when the Malays heard those words ???  

And if DAP was the ‘good guy’, why would they march into a Malay area ???   

Anyway, I believe by now all the countries in the world who have their own China Town, or Chinese dominated areas, would have trouble picturing DAP as the ‘good guy’.  

The arrogance and selfishness  of these people is vivid and nobody would have trouble picturing them marching arrogantly and telling the Malays to go and die.   

And I understand that the Mat Salleh had studied on Malay characters before they actually invade us.  

I believe that the findings of the study itself would make DAP’s version of history seemed too far-fetched and ridiculous because Malays aren’t violent people.  

They are soft and they don’t mind sharing anything as long as they may continue living their easy life.   

The Malays aren’t driven to conquer and that’s why we see so many Sultans in Malaysia whereas, in other countries the Kings would have fought to conquer until there was only one of them left.  

This didn’t happen with the Malays. 

Even without record, we couldn’t see UMNO initiating or causing the May 13 tragedy, but we can clearly see DAP calling out the Malays to go to hell, even today, indirectly.  


  1. sorry to note that this story did not potray the truth. There were pre-election planning and post election actions reality not exposed. this is one sided.

  2. every thing will be accepted as one sided because we look at things they way we want to see it.. nevertheless dap will not achieve the ability to take over the goverment as exposure to the dirty tricks being done by several dap leaders concerning land in kelantan is really hurtful especially to malay klantanese either from umno or pas.. please click to my blog...ty


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