Tuesday 25 December 2012


An Ulama should always be humble but they would defend the truth. 

Whenever he's criticized, an Ulama should never get raged. 

Instead, he would explain the truth calmly.

However, those things are never really practiced by PAS Ulama. 

Mursyidul Am PAS himself, which is said to be the highest Ulama in the party, is famous for not having any of the characteristics above. 

Nik Aziz is famous for being arrogant and snappy where he would get raged over anyone who criticized his actions.

The same thing goes to PAS President, Hadi Awang. 

Even worse, Hadi Awang is also a coward as he did not dare to come up and provide any explanation on the Amanat Kafir fatwa which he made himself three decades ago. 

Even though this issue has been brought up by the mainstream media for the past few days, Hadi Awang still remain quiet.

Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Istiadat Melayu Kelantan (MAIK) has made an official complaint against Hadi Awang. 

The letter was made after a meeting with a few tok guru pondok as well as Kelantan's Mufti and Deputy Mufti. 

The meeting highlighted eight matters which prove that Hadi Awang had brought misguided belief to society, they include:

1. belief that prayers does not count if it is being led by UMNO supporters.

2. belief that it is haram to eat anything that is slaughtered by UMNO supporters.

3. belief that marriage is not official if it is conducted by kadhi or imam which is appointed by UMNO and the couple would need to re-marry as soon as possible.

4. belief that marriage would be in fasakh for couple who support UMNO.

5. belief that the death of UMNO members would not have to be prayed, just like kafir or murtad.

6. belief that UMNO members cannot perform sembahyang jenazah for PAS/Muslim.

7. belief that UMNO members cannot be buried at Islam cemetery.

8. belief that the prayers performed by UMNO members are not accepted by Allah SWT.

PAS is trying their best to cover this issue with the excuse that the story is getting stale.

If Hadi Awang insist in denying all the things he said, that he is the reason why people are misguided, then who should be blamed for all the tragedy which happened in between then and now ???

And who should be blamed for all the death in Memali tragedy, only because they think that they are fighting against kafir ???

Would Hadi Awang say that PAS supporters are stupid for looking at his message in a wrong way ??? 

If yes, then he should come up and give the right explanation.

So, PAS supporters should urge Hadi Awang to come out from his hiding and face his own messages.

It is not right for Hadi to keep this matter hanging among his supporters. 

He should be responsible.

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