Monday 31 December 2012


DAP once again played the issue of the usage on the word Allah for Bibles.

The same issue which was raised back then during Sarawak's election where PAS agreed to allow Bibles to be published in Bahasa Melayu. 

This is seen as the same issue because both have the intention to spread Christianity towards Malay Muslim.

Considering that PAS has agreed with Bahasa Melayu bible, we are not surprised if PAS would finally agree with DAP that the word Allah can be used not just by Christians, probably other religion as well just to make their master, Lim Guan Eng happy. 

However, as usual, PAs would first act as if they are against it.

The drama with DAP is important so that they could buy some time before the election comes to cover the issue of Hadi's message, Land in Kelantan, Logging in Kedah, Water in Selangor and other issues which are pressing leaders in Pakatan Rakyat.

Despite that, their predictable drama seemed very boring this time around, it is best for DAP and PAS to stop acting.

This is because everyone is well aware that by the end of this drama, PAS would still obey DAP. 

Besides, why would PAS reject the motion when they released an official statement back in January 5, 2010, approving it.

The statement can be seen here,

However, today, when Lim dynasty raised this matter again, they were slammed by one of the members of PAS's Ulama Syura Council who is also the Chief of PAS Ulama Council for Kelantan, Datuk Mohamed Daud Iraqi, who says that this confuses Muslims around this country. 

He said, "PAS took the stand just like what was decided by the Syura Council of the party previously, not agreeing with anyone regarding this issue."

What is going on ??? 

Why didn't PAS Syura Council agree with PAS President ???

If this is true, then PAS President might be standing alone supporting Lim because in one of the reports from Harakah, ( content&task=view&id=019648&Itemid=96), Nik Aziz also denied the claim which says that he supports the matter, just like what was reported by the mainstream media. 

However, in another report in January 21, 2010 in Harakah, Nik Aziz stated that kelantan government do not have any rejection for non-Muslim in the state to use the word Allah, either orally or their religious references.

Nik Aziz then said that he only agrees with the use the word Allah for other religion just as long as it does not cause any harm to Islam.

For Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, PAS Syura Council and PAS supporters in general, I would like to urge them to stop making any contradictory statements because it does not mean a thing. 

This is because everyone knows that PAS would still listen to DAP.

The only thing which is confusing here is that what is the motive or significance for DAP to fight on the usage of the word Allah for Christians. 

Everyone do not really know why are they bringing this up now.

Would it bring chaos to Christians if they do not use the word Allah ??? 

Can Lim dynasty provide the answer ??? 

Or would Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang answer the question on behalf of Lim ??? 

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