Saturday 29 December 2012


Hadi's message still remain as a hot topic even though the intentionally 'goes missing' with hopes that it will be forgotten.

However, we believe that he is well aware that not saying anything would not let him away from being responsible for all the negative impacts the message had given to rakyat.

Efforts from the media, especially Utusan Malaysia to expose the stories where through the message, relationships were broken when supporters start calling their own family members as kafir. 

It is because this message is not a small matter which can easily be solved.

Besides, this is the matter of 'debt' where Hadi Awang owe those who were involved, with an apology at least.

Especially when Nik Aziz urged Hadi to defend his message and to never take it back unlike what was Ulama told him to do.

In other words, Nik Aziz is asking Hadi to confirm the fact that UMNO members are kafir and those who held on to the message are right, and that Hadi does not need to apologize to anyone.

It is weird when Nik Aziz claim that we are afraid to face Hadi. 

How can we face him if he is not around ??? 

We are tired of calling him. 

Whatever it is, we need to think positively. 

We know that such 'Grand Ulama' like Hadi is never a coward. 

Perhaps he has no time to respond to the media. 

We should understand the attitude of the celebrity-Ulama like Hadi himself.

Hadi however, would need to answer all the questions which has been going around. 

It might not be that hard for him to explain things considering Nik Aziz had already given the 'tips' to the answer when he said 'Yes', to PAS, UMNO is kafir.

Thus, if Hadi want to keep quiet, it is clear that PAS still defend its 1981 Message which turns all UMNO members to kafir, until the end of time. 

This is what PAS members would have to bear as long as the party is led by people like Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz. 

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