Tuesday 25 December 2012


Scandals surrounding politicians is just a normal thing. 

If the scandal is not true, the issue will just disappear, but if it is true, their political career might be at stake.

However, in politics, everything is possible, even for those who have been proven to commit sodomy and leaked sex video can still survive. 

Those who are mentioned are none other than Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali.

And we have seen how politicians can still remain 'alive' even when they choose to admit their guilt. 

His sincerity in asking for apology due to the scandal was something extraordinary, that some even complimented by saying that it is something brave and honest. 

He is now pardoned and accepted well by family and rakyat.

So, the scandal closed just like that, then scandals on other politicians fill the space in the media.

The latest scandal revolves around the sex video which involves a DUN Speaker, Datuk R Ganesan. 

Prior to that, ADUN Tronoh, V Sivakumar in a press conference claimed that his side received a parcel containing a VCD on misconduct where there was an attachment on image of Ganesan and a woman in a disgraceful condition as well as a copy of an online article.

Datuk R.Ganesan quickly denied his involvement in such scandal and claimed the opposition as irresponsible for spreading false news. 

He then lodged police report to stop the accusation as well as to clean his name.

His fast response should be noted to show how he really took this matter seriously. 

This is because, in most cases which involve sex videos, those who are involved would rarely lodge police report as soon as they hear the news, without going around telling stories to newspapers first.

As for Anwar's case for example, he chose to politicize the video between him and a china-doll by denying the video and blaming others. 

He made various statements including the drama where Wan Azizah wasted her tears. 

Finally, when people are tired of it, after the Omega watch deal, only by then Anwar lodged the police report.

However, even his report raise doubt because it was not made to deny the fact that he is the man in the video, but it was made to ask police to investigate who spread the video to the public. 

This means, he did not legally deny that he was involved in the video.

Instead, he just questioned those who spread the video.

The same thing goes to the video where Azmin was in a bathroom with a woman went viral. 

Azmin did not ask for any investigation to be taken to confirm the man in the video in order to clean his image. 

Instead, he kept on making denial and blame others.

Looking at the similar situation between the two opposition leaders and the leader of MIC, the action taken by Datuk Ganesan lodging police report can be seen as a challenge to Anwar and Azmin. 

Don't they realize that to be compared to the measure taken by Datuk Ganesan, their method of trying to show that they are innocent is very doubtful.

We can see how Datuk Ganesan defend himself by making a swift police report. 

There is no reason why an innocent person would not lodge police report, unless they are really guilty.

That is why, is it wrong for us to have the perception that they are truly guilty even if it is still yet to be proven in court.

Based on the fact that getting it proven in court would be impossible if the police report which they made do not really deny their real charge.

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