Monday 24 December 2012


Calls have been made for PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to withdraw his edict or amanat made in 1982 which deemed Umno as infidel or kafir.

The edict on the whole stated that separating Islam and administration is unIslamic and since UMNO and BN practice such in the country’s administration, therefore UMNO is infidel.

In short, an Islamic administration does not separate religion and administration unlike practiced in western countries where the church is separated from the country’s administration.

So PAS is fundamentalist at that, very Islamic about that and following Islam on that but why is that Kelantan does not follow ???

Why is that in Kelantan the administration still follows the modern admin method left behind by the colonial British and PAS did nothing to change it ???

Why was it when PAS ruled Terengganu, the administration was not fully Islamic ??? 

Why Kedah ruled by PAS is not totally Islamic ???

Given the background of PAS ‘negligence or weaknesses’ which do not follow the edict, party members and former party members are calling Abdul Hadi to withdraw or retract his edict.

It is shameful for an Islamic party that does not practice what it preaches, more so when the edict was give out by the very person who is now the party president who boasts nothing but Islamic fundamentalism.

A person who is not shy to hold the position of Prime Minister if the party and its partners in the opposition win the general election.

Hadi’s edict, given out in 1982, had stirred political upheavals as UMNO lashed back asking for proof which of course, PAS had never has any proof.

Until today, the edict that has not been withdrawn or retracted is being questioned by practicing Muslims all over the country because PAS does not implement as what were written in the edict since it held power in Kelantan and Kedah, and when it held power in Terengganu.

Going by the party’s practices in Kelantan and Kedah, the party is also considered hypocrite or munafik or even infidel because it separates the administration of Islam and the state.

In short, PAS does not ‘walk its talk’, a party that does not know how to govern when given the power, a party that has no professionals experienced enough in administration of both public and Islam.

They can only boasts of possessing people with paper qualifications but without knowledge on true administration in both Islam and public.

So PAS members and former members are now aware and realized their mistakes and they will make amends to go straight which is to follow the true path of Islam by voting out PAS.

By doing so they are actually repenting, making amends the wrongs they did last time and doing the right thing by voting a party that is truly Islamic and following the sunnahs and hadiths which is UMNO.

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