Saturday 15 December 2012


Sabotaging ones own party as the election draws closer is not something new for any political parties. 

It is just a regular thing. 

Even though it happens in almost all political parties in the world, we are expecting the worst sabotage for PKR as the 13th GE comes.

PKR is a party which is filled with dirty politicians, surrounded with corruptions and scandals, and most of them are either sacked, or resigned from UMNO. 

It all start with its leader, Anwar Ibrahim, he is then followed by gang, including the recent one, Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, all famous for being dirty.

Looking at PKR's previous party election is enough to see how dirty this party is as all tables and chairs were all over the place because of fights. 

Of all those happened not because of its lower members craving for power, but it is caused by their own leaders, those who already have power, but they want to ensure that only their cronies will be given high posts.

If the ones down there are those who fight, the disciplinary council could obviously do something, but if it's their leaders, who would judge them ???

Considering that they are the ones who appointed the disciplinary committee.

That is why, these garbage feel that they do not belong to BN because BN often find ways to clean the party from any of those elements.

Thus, the statement from PKR's Secretary General, Saifuddin Nasution regarding that there is a possible sabotage in the party as GE comes actually refers to himself and the top leadership of the party. 

He definitely know who he is, who his friends are as well as his leaders and what they can do to be in power.

Saying that PKR is ready to take a proactive measures to face the situation is a very funny statement. 

What is certain is that the proactive measure which they will take is only to make sure that Anwar, his family as well as his inner circle controls the highest posts in the party with no compromise.

PKR is a party of families and friends and top leadership will ensure that it stays that way even if they have to sabotage the election of their own members. 

The same thing happens to DAP as their convention starts tomorrow.

Rumors are saying that there would be two or three or even more camps which will fight for power and constituencies because they believe that this GE is their best chance to head to Putrajaya. 

Just imagine, Khalid, Azmin, Nurul Izzah, and even Wan Azizah herself have separate ambition, for themselves instead of the party. 

With each of them having their own followers who would do anything to make sure that their leaders could be at the throne, PKR might have to face the GE war on stilts.

The statement from PKR Vice President, Fuziah Salleh, that some of them were sad for not being chosen and that will only be for a while is just a statement to calm themselves down. 

The fact is, PKR is filled with greedy people and they will never be quiet if they lose. 

This can be seen from their own leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

Whether PKR realize or not, their icon, Anwar Ibrahim is beginning to lose his influence among his allies, DAP and PAS even though Anwar often focus his energy to his agents that are in PAS that he somehow ignored PKR.

His greed to strengthen himself, instead of his party is bringing PKR to how it is today, chaotic. 

Now, their 'loyalty' to Anwar is just something objective.

Thus, the sabotage in PKR is a sure thing. 

The only question here is how bad it would be. 

Whatever it is, it would still affect the party's status in PR, making PR weaker in facing GE.

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