Thursday 20 December 2012


Most Malaysians who are aware of its political arena already know what DAP is. 

A party which thrives from their hate on Malays, Islam, the royal constitution and they prefer to push other races aside by monopolizing the economy and that they have the ambition to control the politics in total, without even considering for any tolerance, respect nor mercy for anyone.

Certainly, DAP often deny the fact that they are exactly like the above. 

However, it is hard for them to prove that they are none of the above because they are too arrogant to hide their kiasu-ness and hate.

Today, after the end of DAP's National Convention, and after being criticized for not acknowledging Malays from holding any post in the party, DAP once again try to deny that they are not anti-Malay.

So, Zairil Khir Johari bin Abdullah was then dragged to face the media to convince rakyat that DAp is not anti-Malay and that it is a fair and clean party. 

It seems that only because of a few stupid Malays willing to listen and follow DAP's orders, not forgetting PAS as well, DAP then came to a conclusion that all Malays are as stupid as two of the groups.

Zairil then went up and said to Sinar Harian today regarding the transparency of DAP compared to BN in terms of Malay economy in Penang.

Just what kind of transparency was Zairil talking about if Penang's Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng got 'too comfortable' to intervene with MPPP ??? 

Isn't Guan Eng's lack of transparency was the reason to Lim Boo Chang's resignation ??? 

An MPPP member who can no longer handle the Chief Minister's intervention on the sPICE project ??? 

Boo Chang even revealed Guan Eng's hobby of threatening and acting like a dictator. 

And what kind of transparency was Zairil talking about that Teoh Beng Hock had to end up being dead just to close DAP's corruption case in Selangor ???

And, what did Zairil mean by justice if all Malays are being kicked out systematically by raising property prices drastically as well as bringing down Malay and Indian's settlements as well as their businesses where for them to obtain business license was simply too tough ??? 

The same thing is happening to Selangor where property prices are going up uncontrollably.

In Selangor, DAP plays an important role behind PKR's leadership in making sure that Malay business owners can never 'rise up'

Few of their plans which has been revealed include the state government's plan to take over pasar tani and pasar malam which has been helping Malay business owners a lot all these while. 

The same thing goes to how the state government intentionally put on parking charges at areas of Malay stalls and did not put any charge for areas that are near to Chinese businesses. 

It is no longer a secret that Selangor state government is trying to take the land of Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan to develop a Chinese Culture Development Centre.

For DAP's attention, not all Malays are stupid. 

The reason why Malays fail to rise up is not because they are stupid, it is because the Chinese are using all of their economic power to ensure that Malays can never get anywhere. 

It is true that a few Malay are lazy, but they are never stupid.

Logically, if Malays are not smart, there would be no way that this country can stay as peaceful as it is right now. 

And this country is led by Malays, not Chinese.

And if it is true that UMNO Malays are as racist as how DAP claim them to be, how can the Chinese given the chance to control the country's economy under BN which is led by our Prime Minister from UMNO all these while.

Finally, are we sure that our country could have been at this level, and that the Chinese can live such luxurious life today, if DAP were to take over Kuala Lumpur and the country back in May 13, 1969 ???

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