Thursday 20 December 2012


Now there are calls for the two Malays – Aspan Alias and Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz – to reject the appointments to the leadership line-up after no Malays won the party election last week.

Zulkifli Mohd Noor, a DAP veteran of more than two decades said the leadership did not appreciate nor thankful for the contributions made by other races in the party in strengthening the party.

Aspan and Mohd Ariff or popularly known as sakmongkol through his blog, have yet to make any statements on the matter.

In reality, the calls were not necessary given the fact that both have wanted to be on the opposition for quite some time after the ‘fall-out’ with UMNO in their respective divisions and been drifting in oblivion.

They wanted to be leaders and to be candidates for election, the normal ambitions of many politicians as that is the ultimate goal, become an MP or assemblyman, and of course, their reasons, the normal reasons given when asked, is to serve the people and nation.

Very noble as they are willing to sacrifice their time with their families just to serve the people and country which not everyone is willing to do, including the writer.

Since they could not get to the top of the political leader in their respective divisions, they sought another political platform to further their political interests, and of course this is called pursuing one’s dream.

However, both are not the type that think much about repercussions and effects of their actions as they are lost in the pursuit of their dreams, not exactly knowing whether the paths they have taken thus far are right or wrong politically, religious wise, patriotism wise, nationalism wise and so on.

But to them, this is what they wanted and they got what they wanted and whoever says they are wrong or advise them like the calls for them to reject the appointments will be treated as just ‘jealous of what they have got.’

To Aspan and Mohd Ariff, they have achieve what they wanted, they have (they think) made UMNO ‘jealous’ that both of them are appreciated by DAP and made leaders to lead the Chinese – repeat to lead Chinese – not Malays to who both of them think are not as smart and wise as the Chinese voters.

To them UMNO has lost two ‘good potential leaders’ who are brave enough to voice out the purported ‘intellectualism and opinions’ through their respective blogs that go unnoticed by UMNO and government leaders.

So, with such background, it is useless to call them to reject the appointment or to get out of DAP or to think about race and whatever else.

Both are willing to become tools to the DAP chauvinistic agenda and philosophies, so let them be. 

Like the Malay saying goes – si luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya, biarkan, biarkan.

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