Monday 24 December 2012


The DAP election last week which resulted in the lost of all Malay candidates in their bids for the 20 slots in the party’s central executive committee (CEC) is just one more hard evident out of the many, that shows what a true racist DAP is.   

DAP was born out of arrogance of the ‘kiasus’ and hatred towards the original settlers.   

It is an open secret that DAP is still very much linked to PAP by an umbilical cord that continuously feeding the spirit  of the kiasus, believing that they are the only people with the right and ability to rule and conquer and oppress the rest.   

As long as the spirit of the kiasus are alive, DAP can never be a friend, what more an ally and worst, a leader to others.   

So, DAP is a racist party – it has always been and will always be.  

It’s a party of the Chinese, to the Chinese and for the Chinese.   

Some, ‘suitable’ Indians and Singhs are welcome into the party leading posts only as decoration to perfect DAP’s disguise as a multi-racial party and fit the Malaysian-Malaysia slogan.  

But Malays, the original settlers, the one that has all the right to object and reject DAP’s Chinese-supremacy fight, would never be allowed to lift a finger, what more stand up and talk, in the party.  

As mentioned above, the kiasus can never be friends, and therefore they look at others as enemies.   

As we are forced to live with the enemies, we have no choice but to understand them in order to survive.   

In order to understand them, we must first live, work and play among them.  

And once you do that, you would find that:  

No Chinese would give a chance, acknowledge or recognize the service and value of others, if that would mean that others would be sitting at a higher seats than any of them. They would rather have an idiot Chinese, than a qualified, experienced, hard-working and brilliant Malay at top posts.   

And with that in mind, be certain that no DAP Chinese would ever vote for a Malay.  

Once again, DAP is a racist party and denying a fact so vivid would only prove that you either have issues with your sanity or dignity, or both.  

Ahmad Ton, Vice Chairman of DAP Johor who had lost in the CEC election, is one of those who are having these issues for he has supported the party and trusted its leaders for decades – 36 years to be exact.  

And today, he is still pledging his believe in DAP’s Malaysian-Malaysia slogan.  

If this is not insane, then it must be a pathetic case of a person born without dignity.  

In his effort not to hurt ‘his people’ in DAP, Ahmad Ton claimed that his defeat was probably due to his stroke and that the representatives have yet to understand the concept of Malaysian-Malaysia.  

Yes, we can see that the racist Chinese may be hardworking people but be informed that they aren’t very smart which is evident in our life today.  

That is why they still have problems mastering the National Language even after 55 years of independence.   

So it is just natural that they still cannot understand the concept of Malaysian-Malaysia since DAP’s establishment in 1966, as stated by Ahmad Ton.  

But what can we expect from the people who can’t even understand the general human values like respect and tolerance even justice, in a true sense.  

If Ahmad Ton is considered the ultimate shame of the ‘bangsa Melayu’ and a mother’s deepest regret, then what can be said about  Zulkifli Mohd Noor ???  

This man chooses to blame Tunku Abdul Aziz for his defeat in securing a seat in CEC.   

Zulkifli claimed that Tunku Aziz’s abandoning the top post in the party was what caused the declining strength of the Malays in DAP.   

Well, I’m sure many is having a hard time understanding what ‘strength’ is he talking about ???  

Since when do garbage and trashes have strength ???  

Zulkifli is obviously in denial that Tunku Aziz was merely a symbol, a mask worn by DAP to hide their true racist colour.  

But DAP is too arrogant to hide it properly and the colour are displayed to the world, anyway, crystal-clearly.   

I guess, from the inside, the colours must have been too bright that people like Zulkifli and Ahmad Ton are blinded by them.   

Blinding bright lights is a good method to ‘crack’ a person in an interrogation.   

It is proven to be able to jam up the rationality and the ability to think straight.   

Maybe this is exactly what happened to these two goons.

Because of his strong will to pursue his dream of seeing good governance, Tunku Aziz has finally come to his senses.   

But, Zulkifli and Ahmad Ton, together with the other defeated Malay candidates like Dr. Ariffin S.M. Omar, Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, Sulaiman Syed Ibrahim, Roseli Abd. Ghani, Harun Ahmad and all other Malays in DAP, seem to have no problem being the garbage in the world of the kiasus.   

Maybe the role suits their slave-minded right, as they got to watch the kiasus from a corner without anybody expecting them to say something smart.  

Never mind being spat at, or stepped on, or kicked around by the kiasus, as it is the destiny of the people born without pride and dignity to be treated just like that.   

If PAS is said to be a loyal dog to DAP, then these Malays of DAP are the unwanted, sick dogs sniffing at DAP’s foot, forever hoping to be adopted as pets.  

They have reached rock bottom and still digging holes to go lower and under…

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