Monday 17 December 2012


Pressure is on for the DAP to have more Malays and Indians in the party’s leadership line-up in its convention which begins last Friday.

Putting the pressure are none other than the Malays and Indians outside the party – NGOs – while the party’s Malay and Indian members are as quiet as mice under the watchful eyes of the big cats.

The truth of the matter is DAP is a Chinese party and its philosophies and ideologies are chauvinistic – Malaysian Malaysia but all must be Chinese.

The party has been surviving on Chinese support and Chinese agenda while the Malays and Indians in the party are just ‘exhibits’ to attract votes of the respective communities, nothing more.

DAP agenda is known to every Malaysian which is to champion the Chinese cause and no more and no less – while sharing PKR’s agenda in bringing down the Malay – Malaysian rule which is Barisan Nasional (BN) by whatever means there can find in and outside the ‘political books’.

And when these NGOs – Malays and Indians – urging the party to have more Malays and Indians in the leadership line-up, the party supremo Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng were actually laughing their hearts out.

To them, these NGOs or the so-called pressure groups are just ‘pests’ not worth taking them seriously as they can only bark… they cannot bite… after all the party is not owned by them and the party does not owe these NGOs anything.

DAP is only interested in weakening the Malay rule, weakening the Malay institution and weakening the Malay influence, why should the party be bothered with other than these agendas.

The NGOs are actually stupid to think that DAP fights for equality and transparency and whatever else deem democratic because DAP is only interested in weakening the Malay dominance, nothing more.

By doing so, gets nearer to its objective – because they already did that in Penang, the Malays and Indians are just out of sight in their plans to develop Penang – its DAP country.

PKR de facto chief who is also the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) chief Anwar Ibrahim is just a stepping stone – a stooge – in the whole agenda because DAP just need a Malay to be the figurehead.

Other than that, Malays and Indians are not needed in the party because the Chinese agenda is more important than everything else.

Thus, the calls that seemed like pressures demanding DAP to have more Malays and Indians in the leadership line-up are just ‘empty barks of stray dogs’ that do not even leave a mark, what more a scratch, on the party.

And this weekend congress will see the party strengthening its objective further but of course, under the disguise of wanting more freedom and democracy for all Malaysians, while identifying weaknesses and alleges of corruptions and abuse of power in many more government institutions run by the Malays.

Given such background, it is better for Malay and Indian NGOs to get their members and Malaysians to strengthen their support for the ruling government and reject the shallow and racial politics of the oppositions in the coming general elections.

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