Wednesday 19 December 2012


DAP's National Convention was heavily criticized when Malay leaders, including those who have fought with the party for decades, did not get any place for DAP's Central Executive Committee (CEC). 

Being all proud by saying that they are a multi-racial party and fights for 'equal rights', this matter only proves how racist the party really is.

DAP however, tried to defend themselves by saying that the result of the election is democratic and it should be well accepted by everyone and that they are not racist as they accept members from various races. 

Even a few PAS and PKR supporters defend DAP by accusing BN for being more racist for segregating races according to component parties.

It seems that this gang of PR has fail to understand the basic ideology of politics in all parties in Malaysia, including their own parties. 

UMNO, MCA and MIC are different parties, but they work under one roof, Barisan Nasional. 

Three of these parties often move as one, under the same leadership and they hold onto the same mission based on mutual understanding and racial tolerance which was reached during our Independence.

However, DAP rejects the concept of tolerance, as well as the constitution where they only fight to change Malaysia to be a Secular Country so that they could abolish Bumiputera rights, two of the most important things for Malay Muslims. 

All of those are being put into a concept known as Malaysian-Malaysia. 

They are saying that through the aspiration, Malaysians would then really unite and rakyat would accept a non-Malay Prime Minister.

If we are to see this in a glance, the ambition does seem clean. 

But if we are to really look into their records and their fights, it is obvious that they are not really fighting for a Malaysian-Malaysia where everyone gets equal rights. 

Instead, they are fighting for the Chinese, so that they could dominate the economy, as well as the country's politics, in total.

Their reluctance to segregate all races through vernacular schools, their refusal to acknowledge the National language, rejecting tradition wear in Dewan Undangan Negeri only because it has elements of Malay Muslim, they even seem reluctant to acknowledge Malay Royals, which only prove their real intention.

All of these can be seen through the discussions made through their NGOs and their supporters from social networking sites. 

Even though DAP kept on denying all the claims, their chauvinistic, racist and kiasu mindset can clearly be seen from the way they rule Penang.

The history of May 13 showed how DAP really think of Malays. 

All the hate chants of wanting to chase out Malays, wanting to take over Tanah Melayu, DAP is trying their best to wipe off those bad things from this country's history.

Denying all of the claims only to show that DAP is not racist would not mean a thing if the Chinese kept on being all kiasu. 

This Malaysian-Malaysia democracy style which is inspired by Guan Eng would also not mean a thing as long as the party is being controlled by families and friends of an iron-fist dynasty.

That is why, it is a tragic to see those Malays who still look up to DAP even though it is clear that DAP do not even care about them.

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