Monday 24 December 2012


PAS and DAP will see their respective support eroding although leaders and members of both parties do not want to admit… it's normal as they do not want Barisan Nasional (BN) to know what is happening inside their parties.

The reality is both parties are at loggerheads – PAS in Kelantan had been very active in implementing the Hudud Laws which included the non-Muslims which has the DAP in a ‘fixed’ situation.

The party’s Chinese supporters want their life and culture untouched but PAS is trying to impose its brand of politics – Islamic fundamentalism – to them which they do not want and cannot agree.

Party policy makers – Lim Kit Siand and son who is known now as Tokong Lim Guan Eng – have been quiet so as not to sour the ‘political relationship’ both parties are enjoying right now.

But they use Karpal Singh to voice out their dissatisfaction so that PAS would not have ‘sour faces’ when meeting them, the normal political game they in Pakatan Rakyat (PR) play.

Smile in the front while holding the knives to each other’s back… the hyporacy that all Malaysians know which they just do not want to say out loud.

Now the relationship is going to turn sour – PAS leadership is divided over the matter – about imposing Hudud laws to non-Muslims like what is happening in Kelantan right now.

The Chinese voters now see the truth in the political relationship between PAS and DAP – both parties are not on the same turf… meaning different ideologies and philosophies and both can never meet on same platform except to ‘gun down BN’.

In short, both parties are co-operating only to gain votes and topple BN and after that they will fight among themselves – that’s the reality – PAS and DAP cannot govern the country together because they do not have similarities in philosophies and ideologies.

They just do not have a meeting point to work together like in Selangor where both parties are at each other’s throat in every social and political issues.

The issue in Kelantan – hair dressing salon and khalwat or close proximity – will without doubt take centre stage in the relationship as the Chinese question DAP’s stand and PAS’s willingness to compromise.

Given such scenario at present, it is best the Chinese voters think deeply of the consequences of supporting the two parties because if the objective is just to topple BN, then that is not at all wise because the end result is chaos as both parties try to dominate one another.

If right now without power they are bashing each other, just imagine when they are in power… think !!!

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