Friday 28 December 2012


DAP has been very synonym with their racist, chauvinist, kiasu and anti-Malay-Islam attitude. 

The party also never really hide their agenda to abolish Malay rulers where they openly reject all the honor given by the institution. 

We see it as a symbol of total rejection towards Islam as the official religion in Malaysia.

Generally, Malaysians are aware of who DAp really is. 

However, if we feel that we really know how DAP works through that description, it is not that correct.

This is because, there is another thing about DAP where most Malaysians, Malays especially, are still not aware of, their Christianity agenda.

The ones who aware of this matter would be the Chinese. 

Few of the blogs which revealed this matter include as well as

They revealed how DAP's ceramah to the Chinese often say that there is a clear line between 'Malay Muslim' and the 'non-Malay non-Muslim' and then they would ask the 'non-Malay non-Muslim' to unite, in a way, to go against the 'Malay Muslim' (UMNO). 

Their expose is then supported with Malay-language blogs especially in Penang as well as current reports in media regarding the spreading murtad case.

Few of the things which the blogs exposed include DAP's closed meeting which clearly mentioned the agenda of turning Malaysia into a Christian country. 

The murtad cases proved that the agenda is real when DAP leaders came forward to defend the church and tried to cover their trace, which they then managed to ensure that PAS sacked Dato’ Dr. Hasan Ali.

DAP denied the report but they decided to keep quiet so that this would not turn to a big issue. 

Considering that most of the stories come from english-language blogs written by Chinese bloggers, DAP believe that their secret agenda is still safe. 

Especially when PAS took the approach of defending DAP in most issues, including the murtad issue, so DAP is convinced that they do not have to worry about any response from Muslims.

It is true that as long as Pakatan Rakyat remain as the opposition, and as long as PAS and DAP need one another to get to Putrajaya, DAP's Christianity agenda could still be seen as a small thing for PAS and covered by DAP from the public.

However, as long as its 'centre' of spreading the religion such as in Subang Jaya, Selangor is still under PR, DAP, and as long as they have the funds for it, it would still be able to spread in this country and it is not impossible that it would give a huge impact for Malaysia.

Or worse, if PR gets to win the coming GE-13, considering that PR is taking the approach of 'win first, think later', we should expect a huge turmoil in the parliament which would never end. 

DAP would definitely be consistent with their hopes of developing a secular country which PAS would want to turn everything into Islam, which is opposed by DAP.

Then, we are expecting that PAS leaders would bow down to DAP to ensure that their position would be safe. 

Having PAS giving up would definitely spread rage among Muslim rakyat including those who support UMNO because they could not bear seeing Malaysia being turned to a Secular country.

Within less than a year, by 2014, demonstrations would be something routine and behind it, the fall of our country's economy.

What we can expect if PR rules this country is not that different than the era of the brutal Indonesian Reformation. 

Bad economy had cost heavy burden to Indonesians. 

Those burden then led to anger. 

Their hate towards Chinese-Christians who monopolize the country's economy, then became even stronger. 

The hate was then translated to the slaughter, rape and robbery to the Chinese just to channel the anger. 

Finally, what began as an economic crisis, has turned to ethnic cleansing and 'Islam - Christian war'.

If this happens in Malaysia where DAP stands on the fight for Christianity, it is not impossible that there would be another Crusade.

Few from PAS would definitely say that this is just another scare tactic to avoid people from voting for PR. 

However, with all the records and expose, the question of trying to scare rakyat is out of the question because you should really, be scared.

The question now is, does Hadi Awang and his followers believe that UMNO is kafir ??? 

Would they still fight for DAP ??? 

Or would they fight alongside UMNO and other Muslims to get their syahid ???

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