Thursday 20 December 2012


Haji Hadi's message once again became one of the hot topics discussed even though it was 'set' back in 1981. 

It is true this is a very old thing but we cannot say that it is stale or anything because this involves the society, family and marriage which could give a huge impact from one generation to another.

Even worse, the message might have been the trigger for the Memali tragedy back in 1985. 

This means that the message will always stay relevant.

We need to understand the impact of the message. 

Without it, the Memali tragedy might not have happened, and Ibrahim Libya's followers might have not lost their parents or loved ones. 

It is true that this is all fate. 

But in understanding fate, we need to understand qada' and qadar where qada' is fixed while qadar can be changed through effort which we take.

In looking back at Memali, lets not forget about the same tragedy which happened in Sauk which led to the arrest under the ISA Act and the impact which it has made to the families of those who were involved, either from Al-Maunah followers, or the officers who were killed by them.

Based on what has happened, for Haji Hadi to reject his own message is simply sad and for PAS to think of it as something stale, is very surprising.

However, that is the fact. 

Hadi Awang seem to want to ignore any of the fatwa he made. 

In other words, he really want to ignore the matter and refuse to be responsible for any of the loss which is suffered by those who held on to his message.

Haji Hadi can deny everything he did in the past and focus on the coming election. 

However, if it is not his fault, then who should be blamed ??? 

Who can influence PAS followers to hate UMNO and the government so bad that the hatred is even worse than the hatred between Muslim with the devil ???

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